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A memorial plaque was installed on the main building of Tomsk State Pedagogical University to honor am outstanding teacher-innovator Grigori Abramovich Psakhe.

The event was hosted by the rector of TSPU Valery Vladimirovich Obukhov: "Dear friends! On behalf of the staff of Tomsk State Pedagogical University, I congratulate you on such a wonderful event! On the initiative of the Academic Council of the TSPU, we had unanimously approached the mayor's office of Tomsk with the request to open a memorial plaque in memory of our remarkable graduate. We respect Grigory Abramovich and we are proud of his achievements. This was one of the brightest and most authoritative of our graduates and the number of people that came here today once again highlights the importance of Grigory Abramovich's activity for the general education system of the Tomsk region."

Representatives of the city administration, relatives, former students, colleagues, and local citizens arrived at TSPU to honor the memory of the true teacher Grigory Abramovich. In their speeches, each of them not only recalled Grigory Abramovich as a professional, master of his craft, but also noted his highest human qualities.