Tomsk State Pedagogical University


Youth center of Tomsk state pedagogical university invites all the foreign students to open day which will take place at 16.00 on the 19th of October (Komsomolsky prospect, 75). Each student knows: if you want to be in the thick of things you’d better join one of the TSPU student organizations. The youth center is the place where the most creative ideas are born, the boldest projects are realized and brightest events happen!

Student organizations are divided in several structures, where each student can find what he or she likes the best.
Major cultural and creative events are organized by Student club. Student council arranges activities throughout the faculties and Student trade union protects student rights and provides social support.
Everyone has a chance to become a part of one of the student organizations: you may become a camp leader in «Danko» school for teachers-leaders and test your skills in children camp or as a member of farm squad «Сlover». Volunteer group «Point of view» realizes volunteer and philanthropic projects. Center of patriotic education regular-ly participates in sport and patriotic events, organizes projects for school students and manages TSPU club of self-defense where students can find out how to effectively protect themselves in dangerous situation. If you like camping and hiking the Tourist club of TSPU will be a right place for you. If your dream is to become a journalist, photographer or reporter you should definitely join TV-TSPU team.
A real student life filled with excitement and interesting events starts here! You have an opportunity to find out more during open day organized by TSPU Youth center which will take place on Wednesday 19th of October at 16.00 (Komsomolsky prospect, 75).