Tomsk State Pedagogical University

Russian language club

Dear students and teachers who decided to work and study in our city!

Faculty of foreign languages of TSPU invites you to become a part of the Russian language club!

We are going to discuss relevant topics, getting to know Russian traditions and customs, watch movies in Russian, play board games, visit cultural events and meet interesting people.

Our club is a right place if you want:

  • to overcome language barrier;
  • to come to grips with Russian culture;
  • to start communication in Russian
  • to improve perception of Russian speech by ear
  • to have a great time in a good company

Visit us on 28 October at 18:00 in room 401 (building 1)

Membership is free.

We promise, you will not regret J !

 If you have any questions please contact Karmanova Julia Alexandrovna

Building 1, room 437, e-mail: