Tomsk State Pedagogical University

The exhibition dedicated to the revival and defense of our country will be held in TSPU

The patriotic exhibition will be held at the Tomsk State Pedagogical University Scientific Library on 25 May 2016. The exhibition will feature portraits of ancestors, grandfathers, grandmothers, fathers, mothers, people who defended our country during the First World War and The Great Patriotic War. The people who built our country, revived it after the terrible years, raised their children - us, our brothers and sisters, their grandchildren. The "Immortal regiment" march, originally formed in Tomsk, have become a nationwide event. The exhibition has the same idea as the "Immortal regiment": to refresh the memory of generations using photographs, documents and stories of our homeland’s past. In every family there are portraits, shots of relatives and loved ones. As experts of Faculty of Art and Culture say: "We want people to save photographs, so that, starting from kindergartens and schools, children and adults would observe and draw their story through the story of their families."